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  • Belgium
    Living in Europe | Accommodation

    Whether you want to live in town or in the countryside, you will surely find somewhere nice. Whether it is for a short or a long stay, whether you want to buy or rent a house or an apartment, do not hesitate to discuss your home search with the nearest Service Centre. Do not forget that you must...

  • Belgium
    Living in Europe | Banking

    There is no shortage of banks to choose from in Belgium. You are therefore sure to find a bank that will suit you – it might even be a branch of your current bank in your home country. To open a current account (compte à vue/zichtrekening), you need either an ID card (if you are an EU citizen) or a...

  • Belgium
    Living in Europe | Access to the culture of the host country/language courses

    If you really want to make a new life for yourself in a country, you need to understand the people who live there. Belgians will love to talk about their country, its traditions, its customs, the things you should not miss... They will be more than eager to tell you about what to focus on in Belgium...

  • Belgium
    Working in Europe | Career Development

    Introduction Career Development In Belgium, great care is being taken to enable researchers to further develop their skills through continuous training opportunities. PhD-candidates can (and are often obliged to) enrol for so-called Doctoral Training programmes that form an integral part of the...

  • Belgium
    Living in Europe | Day care, schooling & family related issues

    Introduction Federal Flemish education French-speaking educationInternational & European schools Belgium actively advocates a healthy work-life balance As you may well know from your own experience, domestic life can easily suffer when both halves of a couple or both parents in a family work. It is...

  • Belgium
    Working in Europe, Leaving Europe | Research funding opportunities

    Looking for funding agencies and channels in Belgium? You can find out the current Belgian funding opportunities here. Belgian Development Agency (BTC) Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF) Scholarships are also awarded by players involved in scientific cooperation via the Institute of...

  • Belgium
    Living in Europe | Health insurance, Medical care

    In Belgium, employees and the self-employed must take out health insurance; it is part of the compulsory liability for social security. In the case of employees, social security contributions are deducted from their salary by the employer on behalf of the employee. PhD candidates who receive a...

  • Belgium
    Working in Europe | Job opportunities

    Looking for a research job in Belgium? There are several channels you should use in order to get an overview of vacant positions in Belgium. The Euraxess Jobs portal is THE place to start. And in Europe? If you want to find a job in Europe, check the Euraxess Jobs portal. Lots of jobs are advertised...

  • Belgium
    Leaving Europe | Departure conditions/formalities

    Letter of recommendation If you would like to obtain a letter of recommendation for your CV or as a reference for future employers, ask your supervisor at the host institution to provide you with one before you leave. Certificate of Services Rendered If there is a bilateral social security agreement...

  • Belgium
    Working in Europe | Pension rights

    During your research stay in Belgium, you will build up pension rights through the social security contributions which are deducted directly from your fellowship. But what happens with your Belgian pension if you move back to your home country after you finished your research stay in Belgium? If you...