Design and Implementation of Electric Motor Drive for Automotive Cooling Water Pump

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Many energy generation systems are undergoing drastic changes in the automotive industry. More recently, a great deal of effort has been put into replacing the conventional internal combustion engine vehicles by electric powered vehicles. Whatever the type of motorization (internal combustion engine, electric or hybrid), the cooling system plays a critical role during the vehicle operation. The cooling requirements for standard commercial and passenger vehicles has remained unchanged over the last century. In a conventional vehicle powered with an internal combustion engine, a mechanical coolant pump linked to a valve able to regulate the flow usually suffice to roughly control the operating temperature of the engine.

Nowadays, with the owing to the increasing awareness of environmental pollution and energy depletion around the world, this traditional solution needs to be replaced by more efficient ones like a dedicated electric motor for the water pump.

Also, this solution is also preferred on electric powered vehicles which needs several dedicated cooling circuits due to the high amount of component which need to be heat-regulated (engine, batteries, power electronic converters).


To meet these needs, in this thesis the mechanical cooling pump will be replaced by an electric motor-pump. In recent years, the brushless DC motor has shown a growing interest in automotive applications. On this type of motors, the brush/commutator assembly is removed, allowing to reduce audible noise, RFI problems, increase lifetime and also efficiency. The electric motor used for automotive applications should be compact, with high power density, because of limited vehicle volume, costs, and mass constraints. Thanks to the technological advances of electric motors and power electronics, the electric motor could replace the traditional belt drive system in pumps and will allow to control the velocity and flow rate of the coolant in the circuit independently from the engine speed. The aim of the thesis is to design and implement a new and compatible drive for the electric motor (that is under design in the other thesis) of the pump to fulfill the following specifications:

  • Improve the reliability of the system by considering the thermal and mechanical conditions in the design of the drive  
  • Guarantee the service continuity of the electric motor by using a new fault-tolerant DC-AC converter for the drive
  • Improve the cooling system diagnosis by
        • integrating algorithms for motor or electronics fault detection
        • integrating sensors and algorithms for fault detection in cooling circuit
  • Guarantee low noises emissions by reducing vibrations, smoothing the torque, thanks to adapted control

This thesis will be carried within the "Heterogeneous Systems and Microsystems" (SMH) research team of ICube laboratory of the University of Strasbourg and will be made in parallel of an other thesis whose topic is the development of the electric motor.

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