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    07/02/2020 23:59 - Europe/Brussels
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<p><strong>Job title</strong>: <strong>Animal Technicians (BRF Research Officer)</strong></p>
<p><strong>Location:</strong> The Francis Crick Institute, Midland Road, London</p>
<p><strong>Contract:</strong> Permanent, full-time</p>
<p><strong>Salary:</strong> From £22,500 per annum, subject to skills and experience</p>
<p><strong>Vacancy ID:</strong> 13147</p>
<p><strong>Short summary</strong></p>
<p><strong>Interested in scientific research? Enjoy practical work and have an empathy with animals? If yes, then the role of an animal technician may be perfect for you.</strong></p>
<p><strong>At the Francis Crick Institute, we offer training and support to start a rewarding career where you can make a positive difference to both research and animal welfare. </strong></p>
<p>We are looking for passionate, self-motivated and enthusiastic team players to take on the role of an animal technician. This is a vital role within our team and organisation, contributing to our medical research, vision and excellence in science.</p>
<p>As an animal technician you would be responsible for the care and welfare of laboratory animals used in scientific and medical research, working with a wide range of laboratory animals. Some of your key responsibilities will include, but not be limited to;</p>
<li>Provide excellent care, welfare and husbandry to laboratory animals including mice, rats, laboratory opossums, ferrets, zebrafish and frogs, within specialist facilities</li>
<li>Comply with all relevant legislation, for example, Animals (Scientific Procedures Act)1986 and Health and Safety Regulations</li>
<li>Work within defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)</li>
<li>Maintain accurate written and computer based records</li>
<p><strong>About us</strong></p>
<p>The Francis Crick Institute is a biomedical discovery institute dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and disease. Its work is helping to understand why disease develops and to translate discoveries into new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, infections, and neurodegenerative diseases.</p>
<p>An independent organisation, its founding partners are the Medical Research Council (MRC), Cancer Research UK, Wellcome, UCL (University College London), Imperial College London and King’s College London.</p>
<p>The Crick was formed in 2015, and in 2016 it moved into a brand new state-of-the-art building in central London which brings together 1500 scientists and support staff working collaboratively across disciplines, making it the biggest biomedical research facility under a single roof in Europe.</p>
<p>The Francis Crick Institute will be world-class with a strong national role. Its distinctive vision for excellence includes commitments to collaboration; developing emerging talent and exporting it the rest of the UK; public engagement; and helping turn discoveries into treatments as quickly as possible to improve lives and strengthen the economy.</p>
<li>If you are interested in applying for this role, please apply via our <a href="https://my.corehr.com/pls/frckrecruit/erq_jobspec_version_4.display_form...
<li>The closing date for applications is 07 February 2020 at 23:30.</li>
<li>Assessments will be held on 24 &amp; 25 February 2020 and successful candidates will be invited for an interview on 27 February 2020 – 03 March 2020.</li>
<li>All offers of employment are subject to successful security screening and continuous eligibility to work in the United Kingdom.</li>
<p><strong>Key words</strong></p>
<li>Central London / London</li>
<li>Animal technician</li>
<li>Care and welfare of laboratory animals</li>
<li>Entry level role</li>

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