Research in our universities & non-university higher education institutions


In Belgium, with respect to the Research and Innovation landscape, universities and other higher education institutions depend on the Communities. 

French-speaking universities and other higher education institutions, in Wallonia and Brussels, are managed by the French-Speaking Community (Wallonia Brussels Federation). The Flemish/Dutch-speaking universities and colleges, in Flanders and Brussels, depend on the Flemish authority.

The only exception is the Royal Military Academy, located in Brussels, which is still federal.


For facts and figures on the research performed in universities and other higher education institutions, see the BRISTI and the website of the Scientific and Technical Information Service.


At the Federal level, there is one university, namely the Royal Military Academy.


The Royal Military Academy is a military institution providing education at university level that is responsible for the basic academic, military and physical training of future officers, and for the continuing advanced training of officers during their active career in the Defence department..


For goals, topics, information, guidelines and contacts, please see the website of the Research Department of the RMA.





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