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In Belgium, great care is being taken to enable researchers to further develop their skills through continuous training opportunities. PhD-candidates can (and are often obliged to) enrol for so-called Doctoral Training programmes that form an integral part of the curriculum. Through these programmes, PhD-candidates have the possibility to attend seminars and to take courses that aim to sharpen both their academic skills (statistics, academic writing,…) and transferable skills (entrepreneurship, career perspectives,…). Many of these courses are also open to post-docs and specific courses target professors who want to learn more about how to be an excellent team leader.

So are you wondering about your career options as a researcher? Do you want to know your strengths and skills? Or do you already know them, and do you want to learn how to emphasize them in your cv? Then don’t hesitate to contact your career development centre. The professional options and challenges have never been greater for researchers, so be proactive and make the right career choices tailored to your expectations of the future!

EURAXESS supports and guides you through the process of educational, career and personal discovery;



Are you a PhD or postdoctoral researcher who is struggling with the question "What's next after my PhD or postdoc?", or who is looking for a new professional direction or job opportunities? Take a look at this practical guide that will help you find your perfect job:

The 5 Flemish universities also launched the PhD Talent Pool Flanders, a new recruitment platform designed to better and faster align the supply and demand for PhD talent. 

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