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Become a Euraxess Network member



"EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion" is one of the key initiatives to enhance researcher careers and mobility and, as such, is the operational instrument of related European policies. Given its overall aim of contributing to the further development and consolidation of the European Research Area (ERA) and, in particular, of making Europe more attractive to researchers, EURAXESS is backed at national political and institutional level. The European Commission (EC) supports the activities of the EURAXESS Service Network for its personalised dimension and the direct contact with researchers, thus fulfilling the goal of making Europe attractive for researchers from all over the world.


Joining the EURAXESS Network?

To become a member of the EURAXESS Service Network (hereafter referred to as "EURAXESS Network") your organisation must subcribe to the Declaration of Commitment and thereby agree with the mission of the EURAXESS Network to facilitate the building of a common European labour market of researchers by providing free, timely and high-quality support to facilitate the relocation and career development of researchers in Europe.


Typology and tasks of the Euraxess members

European/International Organisations are independent and have no formal role within the EURAXESS Network of the country in which they are established. They liaise directly with the EC and provide expertise in matters falling within the scope of the EURAXESS Network.

A European/International Organisation achieves membership of the EURAXESS Network through the following process:

  1. Application to the European Commission;
  2. Approval by the European Commission and signature of the Declaration of Commitment by the applicant.