FRIS – Flanders Research Information Space.


FRIS gives you information on more than 33,000 research projects, 80,000 researchers, 378,000 scientific publications. Meet Flanders Research Information Space (FRIS). A wealth of research data and results, waiting to be used. By you. FRIS aggregates all the publicly funded research in Flanders. With FRIS you can quickly and easily look up further information on researchers, their projects and publications, allowing you to find your way to experts and their areas of expertise faster. FRIS opens the doors that would otherwise remain closed. 5 Flemish universities and 9 research institutions have already linked their systems directly to FRIS.
Automatically ensuring their data feeds directly into our information space. As soon as a research institute changes something in their systems, you’ll immediately see the change in FRIS. How can you access this wealth of information? There are two ways.
Check out the online portal to get a feel for research in Flanders. And with our free license you can request all the research data that you want to use for your own research and development (

In the future FRIS wants to become the one stop resource for all public research in Flanders. Which is why we’ll be investing in more clients and more information providers, extra data (patents, scientific equipment, data sets), user friendly visualisations, linked open data and an even easier discovery, access and delivery of data.”

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