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Ghent University (UGent)


Ghent University – EURAXESS Services Centre


Euraxess Contact NameGhent University – Research Department
AddressSint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25

BE-9000 Gent
Telephone+32 (0)9 331 0101
ExpertiseFor all practical information and personalized assistance in matters such as entry conditions, visas, work permits, salary/fellowship (statute, amount, social security, taxation), pension rights, health care, insurance, recognition of diplomas, intellectual property rights, job opportunities, accommodation, access to the culture of the city and the region, language courses, day care facilities and schooling, please contact the central information desk via e-mail: They will either your question or dispatch it to the relevant expert/service.








Additional information

Ghent University prides itself on being a knowledge hub which is not only forward thinking but also self-questioning and authentic. Our university’s motto is ‘Dare to think’. As a consequence, scientific curiosity, innovation, and academic freedom are at the core of our organisation. We are not afraid to take a leap of faith: many a researcher has been given the opportunity to pursue his or her own line of inquiry, often resulting in well-established projects that generate great research.

And it is not just our research that is cutting edge and pioneering. Also our policy is thought-provoking and creative, aimed at creating the best environment for our research community. This makes us unique among the Belgian universities.

Today Ghent University is a top-100 university that attracts over 42,000 students, with a foreign student population of about 4,000. In 2014, the university invested over 265 million Euros in research projects on behalf of public and private partners, and employed around 6,500 academic staff members. The university was awarded the HR Excellence for Research label in 2014.

http://www.ugent.b e/nl/univgent/feiten/research-at-ghent-university/brochure-research.pdf